Senior UX Specialist


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Posted on: 2nd July 2018

Scientific breakthroughs happen because they build on all the knowledge that’s already been discovered. And we’re making that knowledge more intelligent, more searchable, and more actionable, so researchers can use it more effectively. Our huge portfolio of products and solutions is supporting researchers around the world – and it’s vitally important for all our applications work together seamlessly, so our users can do the cutting-edge research that benefits us all.

This role is an amazing opportunity to join an international team of top UX and UI professionals in Amsterdam creating design solutions that drive a seamless user experience. Your amazing design specialism will make it easy for our global organization to apply your design guidelines to create scalable world-class user experiences.

You’ll be making the most advanced knowledge in the world easier to understand and use. And that’s something you can really brag about.

More about the role

We’re looking for an innovative UX Specialist with next-level research and design skills, and a passion for crafting peerless design systems. Success in this role will require a systematic approach and a strong user focus. You’ll work directly with designers, product managers and developers, driving the UCD process, exploring UX solutions across products, then demonstrating your solutions in prototypes and diagrams. It’s all part of ensuring that our users are considered at every step.

You’ll excel at taking a strategic view of the user workflow across multiple products, then applying usability data to find ideal data-supported cross-platform solutions. You’ll also get the chance to put your sparkling personal skills to effect mentoring cross-functional teams and actively managing relationships with customers and end users.

More about you

We need someone with a Bachelors or ideally a Masters in Human Computer Interaction with related work experience. Either way, you’ll definitely need at least 3 years’ experience of designing complex information and workflow products across web and mobile. In that time, you’ll have gained experience of planning and executing user testing, concept testing, structured interviews, usability testing, A/B testing, defining user metrics, analyzing qualitative data, and translating data into user’s insights; your outstanding online portfolio should demonstrate the use of these techniques in creating compelling products. It’s essential that you be familiar with the technology behind web-based products, design systems and UI libraries. Fluency in English is vital

Oh, and you’ve got a positive, constructive approach with an emphasis on collaboration and flexibility, right? We need someone with confidence, but who can admit when someone else has a better idea too and to work as a team to create awesome designs that enable the impossible.

More about Elsevier

At Elsevier, pride, passion and the pursuit of knowledge meet innovation, opportunity and growth. We are an organization that runs on intelligence. We supply it, develop it, and rely on it – and it requires intelligent people to make the intelligent career choice that will see us improve further. If you join us in Amsterdam, you will be part of shaping science’s next steps.

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