Senior Backend Engineer


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Posted on: 2nd July 2018

The truth about scientific discovery is that it’s often incremental. Breakthrough thinking happens because scientists test each other’s hypotheses and build on each other’s ideas. So imagine how powerful data-sharing could be in advancing knowledge. Imagine a shareable data repository for the world’s scientists, where pioneering thinking becomes accessible and current innovation becomes searchable, identifiable and actionable. That’s what you’ll help build at our emerging tech hub in Amsterdam: an intelligent data repository, consisting of a RESTful API powering a user-centered website.

Or, as we like to call it, ‘Github for Scientists’.

Stack Overview

Nobody ever built a breakthrough product without a tech stack that turns heads. We’re utilizing:

  • An Agile Scrum environment
  • A reactive AWS cloud platform
  • Java 8, Scala,
  • Event-oriented experience queues like SQS, JMS, Kafka
  • Plugins including Jenkins, Dropwizard and Rx

More about the role

The key question around this role is ‘where will you take it?’ This role is part of Mendeley Data, a mixed-discipline Scrum team centered around a common goal: to make sharing versioned research data easy, enjoyable and empowering. This is an environment that encourages ideas and continuous improvement, with a collaborative culture that is focused on progressively enhancing solutions over time. We’re working in 2-week sprints with daily stand-ups, grooming, planning and retros, and always looking for opportunities to create new outcomes. You’ve got to be knowledgeable in all aspects of creating a quality, user-centered product. At the heart of a team approach, you must be comfortable working with product managers, business analysts and customers, as well as tech specialists. You’ll be versatile, eager to learn – never afraid to venture into uncharted territory to discover the answers to complex problems.

More about you

First and foremost, you need to be passionate about quality outcomes and perfect, clean, elegant code. You must have great experience of JVM (preferably gained in an Agile environment), with significant experience of building RESTful applications with nuanced elements. Knowledge of AWS, Jenkins and our relevant frameworks is vital. Knowledge of practice unit testing, integration testing and code reviews – with a sound understanding of large software ecosystems and the challenges they present for user experience – is even better.

Oh, and you’ve got a positive, constructive approach with an emphasis on collaboration and flexibility, right? We need someone with confidence, but who can admit when someone else has a better idea too.

More about Elsevier

At Elsevier, pride, passion and the pursuit of knowledge meet innovation, opportunity and growth. We are an organization that runs on intelligence. We supply it, develop it, and rely on it – and it requires intelligent people to make the intelligent career choice that will see us improve further. If you join us in Amsterdam, you will be part of shaping science’s next steps.

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