NLP Specialist


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Posted on: 2nd July 2018

Data is good, but turning data into real knowledge is wonderful. At our emerging tech hub in Amsterdam, we’re exploring new ways to use the most advanced technology in the world to turn data into knowledge for the benefit of researchers and scientists around the world.

As our NLP Specialist, you’ll get to use advanced machine learning and information extraction techniques to make the largest data repository in the world more intelligent, flexible and searchable. Your work here will support the world’s smartest minds in making the next generation of scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs. And you’ll get the opportunity to grow along with our Amsterdam tech hub as part of a global organization.

Stack Overview

Only the most advanced technology on the planet could make our vision a reality – which means that’s what you’ll get the opportunity to work with, including:

  • Languages like Java, Python
  • Artificial Intelligence technologies, i.e. NLP and Machine Learning

More about the role

In this role, you’ll influence our organization in a lot of different ways – but your main role will be providing expertise in Natural Language Processing to different parts of our organization.

You’ll normalize texts, identifying the features and rules mechanisms needed to capture real, useable information from unstructured data. You’ll be instrumental in implementing new processes, with the aim of improving our data annotation, information extraction, and automated recognition capabilities. You’ll seek out and master new technical capabilities. You’ll analyze extracted information to drive information retrieval, using advanced data analytics efforts. Ultimately, you’ll become a trusted resource in the development of new projects, acting as a liaison between data engineers and subject matters experts.

Working here, your wide breadth of knowledge can have a big impact on multiple functions and projects, letting you actively champion technical knowledge and new ideas within our global organization. In short, this is a real leadership opportunity. How big of an impact do you want to make?

More about you

As an ideal candidate, you’ll have a PhD in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, or an associated area. That’s you, right? You’ll also need working experience of: Machine Learning in annotation environments, especially in entity extraction, information clustering and data mining; state-of-the-art tooling in capturing content, i.e. sequence models cast in HMMs/CRFs; data normalization and processing; NLP; knowledge modelling and semantic technologies; and deep learning techniques. Familiarity with agile software development is essential too, as is a working knowledge of how to improve existing code. Knowledge of processing complex data, image or other signal processing will really make you stand out, and it will be quite beneficial for you to have industry experience and with senior stakeholders.

You should have the ability – and the sparkling personality – to drive new developments, process changes and disruptive technologies within our organization. To do that effectively, you’ll need good communication and documentation skills, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to non-technical professionals. It will be a huge advantage if you’ve got the vision and skill to use visualization tools to present extracted data to stakeholders or end-users.

Oh, and you’ve got a positive, constructive approach with an emphasis on collaboration and flexibility, right? We need someone with confidence, but who can admit when someone else has a better idea too.

More about Elsevier

At Elsevier, pride, passion and the pursuit of knowledge meet innovation, opportunity and growth. We are an organization that runs on intelligence. We supply it, develop it, and rely on it – and it requires intelligent people to make the intelligent career choice that will see us improve further. If you join us in Amsterdam, you will be part of shaping science’s next steps.

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